What to expect on the SAT Essay section

You are allotted 25 minutes to complete the SAT essay section.

An essay topic, also referred as a prompt, will encompass a broad range of subjects or issues – arts, literature, technology, history, politics, and current events. It can be an excerpt, a quote, or a statement.

You can develop and support your point of view by drawing on the following:

  • what you learned in school
  • articles or studies you read about
  • current events you heard on news
  • your own experiences and observations

You are not expected to have expert knowledge on the topic. There are no “correct” viewpoints either. However, the readers are looking at how persuasive your essay is in communicating your point of view.

You can choose any writing style you prefer.

For example, your essay can be narrative, expository, comparative or argumentative.

Length is not necessarily a winning factor. Strong development of ideas, critical thinking, logical reasoning, appropriate supporting evidence, concise use of diction, clear organization, and correct use of grammar are. In one simple sentence – are you getting your point across??

Write legibly, print or script – no matter how well you write, if the grader cannot read your handwriting, your essay may not get the score it deserves.

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